Best steps to write An Article which Earn for you best Passive Income

Due to this pandemic era, many peoples have jumped into the Internet field to earn their livelihood and started their entrepreneur journey but they were not able to figure out the final way to step up and start their Income.

People have entered into this field with some information and later after doing some research they would trying to figure out what exactly works for them & What’s not, but in any case, they have to do some below works.

Either they have to start a Blog(Niche(master area), Any Youtube channel, in both case everyone needs to write the article or few words to explain all the information about the videos and products details.

After working with many clients. I would learn a few important point through which you will able to write a brilliant article which generate high income after published.

Before plan to write an article on any subjects, everyone needs to do research and find out some buzz words, so while writing you will not stop your fingers to press keyboards buttons.

After planned the writing, on-topic be make sure. you will have your ideas very clear and inked on the paper, so you will not to look here and their while start writing.

As all these articles will be ranked on “keyword” always preferred to use “Long tail keywords” it will best if you can write on some product review like. how to use any product or outcomes of the product you have used & so on. you will able to find many options based topics.

Writing an article is very creative work and you will need to use strong words which impact on the emotion of the readers. I have seen still peoples are focusing on the big article but if you’ll able to complete your Question and Answer with few words with full explanation in easy words.

If you would really want to start making money via article. This would be a quick hack for all the newcomers who really want to make money via Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is something which is a very easy but very smart step to make money just via promoting products via words.

you are going to present products through your words & making them aware about the uses of the products, why and how is the benefit from these products and after using these words you can impress the customer and convince them to make a purchase. Start making money.

Everyone has their own timing to write the article but for me, morning timing will be the best because at this time you will complete an article in just a couple of hours instead of spending days. You must be consistent while publishing your article and start practising and make a list of powerful word list. Which will act as the best conversion tool for you.

As when you all start searching on the internet. your main concern was either to get information or looking for some solution for any particular issues. suppose if you have written some article based on interest which come in the first result, but if the words were not easy to understand or it would not make them understand the purpose. It wouldn’t convert into a sale.

A good writer will be a good reader because a reader will able to understand the purpose of a written article and replicate them into their own words and in a very effective manner. Daily writing is very important to learn and make you an expert of words which generates Income for you.

These are the steps which I am using for me and Really in starting this would be worked a little bit after some practice. I’ve become an expert in using words.

These are the best key points which helps me to write some best articles which converts my reader to be a good follower and finally I will win the sale.



A fashion Professional Turned into An Entrepreneur because of the passion. I love writing &Expalining to All through words.

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NP Singh

A fashion Professional Turned into An Entrepreneur because of the passion. I love writing &Expalining to All through words.