Marketing provide you power to Visualise future. Do you agree it?

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Marketing is the process, if you planned it Intellgently then you will able to generate your desired can become better & big brand. Through this strategic planning you can create brands and make bigger brands.

It gives you the power the visualise the future Ups and down about products and plan them accordingly.

Do you Really understand marketing?

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Earlier, I was having an understanding about marketing is just to print some shine boards and get them fixed (placed )where the maximum crowd was passing so, the product would get awareness and it would get sell easily. Along with this I can get distribute the pamphlets in the newspapers.

After going through this video lectures. I completely have a different opinion about marketing. It is a continuous process of awareness about the product features, benefits, customer satisfaction, customer retention, new customer acquiring, increase offers, best counter them, build trust and faith on your products.

This video lecture gives me immense in-depth view about the Term

“ Marketing” it is continuous process of engageing customer for any product or Service .

In this article. I am going to give you a brief introduction about the marketing in a story form because people use to related themselves very easily and through this way I can convey my message about marketing to the audience very clearly.

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An Entrepreneur start-up Short journey.

I was testing this entrepreneur journey since 2007. As above, I had admitted that how I was thinking about marketing but now thought get transformed into bigger vision.

After spending so much here and there. Now, I am landed on the right platform where I am nurturing myself into marketing.

Here, I would like to love to share you my story of entrepreneurship. It was started in 2007 and ended in 2009. During those years I was having big passion and but not knew the secrets to grow business and get more clients for myself.

I was also using the same trend of marketing which was already outdated and no one care about it.

I used to practice all traditional ways of marketing like pamphlets, newspaper articles, Referral, Visiting office but nothing worked for me.

Sometimes business representatives were really busy and sometimes their people make them busy to get some share before it got started.

Every morning I went to the office with an hope of to get something new for my company and all went in vain because I was trying to get the work but not showing my capabilities and my testimonies to them.

If, I would have showed them testimonies. I am sure that would not get closed.

Yeah, it is true. We all need to follow the rules of marketing.

No, most of them never heard this term called law of marketing. Many of traditional businesses still proceeding with the old methodology.

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Let’s get dive into more for “Fundamentals of Marketing”

Marketing is not about to sell your products to a customer. It is a process to make a customer to satisfy with the product quality and then retain then in a way so, they will come back and get the products again & again.

Through marketing plans and process, you can attract customer to be with you for a long time and they will bring more customer for your products.

Marketing planning is a regular practising ways that customer will not feel tired and bored with products.

It is a mix of science and creativity that helps a marketer to build their relationship with the customer and keep filling gaps with information so the customer will never look for any other products.

It keeps adding more products information and services in the mind of customer so, customer will not able think about any product.

Let’s us take look at “Law of Marketing”.

It is a scientific tool invented by marketing scientists, through which you will try to understand & analysis your customer very deeply.

  • Through this tool, you easily understand your customer buying behaviour.
  • You can able to analysis your customer based on the activities done on the website.
  • Product selling is very easy if your marketing plans able to develop the need of that product in the customers mind.
  • You can engage your customer and keep developing interest to buy your product again & again by getting feedbacks forms/ Surveys/ serving them as special VIP/ Provide offers on the special days.

How “Integrated Digital Marketing “helps to grow Businesses?

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It is complete steps of a process that make us win, implement your winning strategy to turn you, visitor, into customer and nurture them in a specific way, so they’ll buy your upcoming products very easily.

  • You can create a blog/ FB page where you will start posting valuable content so, visitors would like your pages & share them into their groups.
  • Start posting content daily and spread them to all your social profiles and do it on regular basis.
  • Through your post you can redirect them to your website and offer them some free pdf or course so, they will able to give you their email address for future.
  • Do Website SEO done and start collecting email address along with paid marketing through Fb/Google ads.
  • Do more content writing and social media campaigns so, visitors of the website page would like your page/content so, you will target them to show your paid campaigns & able to transactions.
  • Through email address, you will able to connect them on a regular basis whenever you have posted any new content. you can mail them the and inform them that new post has been published.
  • You can guide then by giving them a direct link.


By this process, you will able to understand how anyone can create and make your product customers.

A new funnel formula was developed by My Mentor “Digital Deepak” CATT funnel formula.

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“Wealth = n^CATT” — Digital Deepak”

This Wealth formula is proven and successfully tested. This formula is divided into -5 parts. Each word is associated with a segment.

N is associated with “Niche”

It is your expertise area. In which you are master (expert) and have the passion to do on regular basis without failing even a single day.

The more you expert in your niche area, the more you are popular than others.

It just like your own “Gold Mine” and you are the one only who is going to dig all the gold from it.

C is associated with “Content”

A platform from where you will share your valuable content and build your authority in their minds through posting valuable articles such as Fb page/Brand Blog/ Blog/ Any social Place etc.

A is associated with “Attention”

Through paid ads and organic traffic, you will drive attention to your articles. Once they would start following you then you can use a tool like SEO/SMM.

T is associated with “Trust”

Through article posting, you will engage your audience and develop a trustworthy relationship with them. Your audience who read your article have faith on your that you are the right person and your information is genuinely more authentic than others.

T is associated with “Transaction”

Once the trust was built with the audience then you can start approaching them to join your paid course. Without any single hesitation, they will buy it.

Once they will become your product customer, keep shared informative and valuable products so, they will remain with you whole life.

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In the search of this secret of Personal branding . I approached to my Mentor “Digital Deepak”. He guided and reveled the secret about called “ Mass Trust Blueprint”. How a Personal branding will work.

How intelligently it is got sequenced in a way that anyone can easily understand and do act accordingly.

It represents the process of learning and implementing in your work because the learning will never end it keeps increasing daily basis.

Based on the continuous learning process. you can create your blog where you can jot down the valuable learning in the form or article and post, to get the attention of visitor on your webpage or blog.

Once you have felt that you have achieved the master level then you can start your consultation and become a mentor to guide peoples to achieve mastery in their core niche areas.


I’ve explained you about, how marketing will become a tool to create your brand and help to grow business through it. I’ve tried explain, all the rules and marketing laws.

Along with this whole journey shared you the short story of an unsuccessful entrepreneur initiative took by me and fall down due to not upgraded myself as the new digital marketing perspective.

Here I’ve sequenced all the major part and marketing parts so, anyone can understand the power of marketing and strategic way to implement law of marketing to increase customers.

With an understanding their integrated digital marketing tried to explain so, you can enjoy it & learn it . Now it up to you how you can implement it to create you as a Brand.

As, if you are here till now then you must have gone through with interesting funnel formula and mass trust blueprint. If you have understand this , Half battle you have won and rest balance it implementation steps.

I am hoping that you must have learned a lot from this article. If you feel this article a little supportive .

Please leave a comment .



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