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“Success Growth Strategist” Proud2you 14Dec 2023

An Entrepreneur with a vision to help people and make them self dependant through their contribution in Business/ Articles/Books and help them to made successful business strategies.

In this company, everyone has the right to do anything to become “Boss of their own Business” but without compromising the work of the company.

The company was “Awarded prestigious awards “Youth Empowerment “and has a major contribution to the Young people life to become Self Independent & Serve their Nation on the ground to Up levels.

Source:- Ariel

Proud2you is a Conglomerate.

This Company was started on 22 July 2017. In the early stages of the company was founded for just to motivate people and help them to become self business owners “Entrepreneurs”.

It had diversified his business expansions in the different Industries. It had entered into Education, E-commerce(Kids to adults Garments), Retail( supermarkets), Consultancy. The has planned to get Listed in BSE & NSE.

Our Headquarters are based in Delhi and We are operating everything from here. (It is part of Internship with DD Batch 9)

About NP Singh.

Founder of Proud2You
Founder of “Proud2You”

He is the Founder & Managing Director of the company. He has written some bestsellers books “ BlundersMakeWonders” and got rewards for this book. He fan following is quite increasing day by day from 10k to 50K in just week. His preaches and techniques of guiding peoples is pretty much liked by the peoples.

As the company grow in their mission very rapidly. Company founder had planned new targets and entered into some more business to help them and grow us on mutual benefits.

His study was done a mix of convent and government both. He belongs to a middle-class family. He always had a vision to start something(company ) which helps to develop skills to benefits peoples.

His family custom and tradition values was very rich, because of the such values their family members still count themselves as “Joint Family” while living in different parts of the World.

The company was run by the whole family members. All the overseas businesses was taken care by his brothers “Who lives in London” and at the end of every year, a family reunion was called to meet everyone and celebrate with the dear ones.

“Believe in yourself is the first step to achieve success. Go and Get it”

Love your work!

Do it with dedication!

Master it then success will chase you



NP Singh

A fashion Professional Turned into An Entrepreneur because of the passion. I love writing &Expalining to All through words.